June 26, 2014

Trail Update: Mile 220.4; Rangeley, ME

Hi all! 

Amber here (still no trail name).

The gang is doing well. We made a pit stop in Rangeley to dry out our gear and clothes since it has been raining the past several days. The town has been pleasantly surprising. It has everything we need and more: good pizza, a post office, a laundry mat, a motel with wifi and a decent coffee shop! We got a ride from a local named Erin, who offered to give us a ride back to the trail head tomorrow! (Amazing trail angel!)

The past few days since leaving Stratton have been draining. We've hit the bubble of early bird SOBOs and we've been meeting more NOBOs. The shelters and campsites are getting crowded and louder. A virus has been going around and unfortunately Stacey caught it. Dad woke up in a mud puddle yesterday. I think he is regretting sending his tent home in efforts to reduce weight. And yes, he is still trying to tough it out by sleeping without a sleeping pad (fellow hikers call it "cowboy style"). 

The trail has turned into a creek once again. We hiked with wet shoes all day today. I've been praying for no blisters. 

Stacey had a wipe out on top of Saddleback Junior and snapped one of his hiking poles. 

We've had many steep inclines but not many views. Though, our spirits are still high. All of us are happy to be in town for the night. 

Next stop: Andover, ME! 

Good vibes, 

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