June 13, 2014

Through the Wilderness: Day 4 + 5

June 6
Wadleigh Lean-To - Antlers Campsite (13.6 miles)

Great day of hiking! It rained all day, but kept the bugs away! The sun came out as soon as we got to Antlers campsite. This was our favorite night in the wilderness. The campsite sat right beside the most gorgeous pond. Everyone was doing their nightly routine, setting up tents, drying out gear, prepping diner, when we hear Stacey yell out from the pond. He had the best idea ever: bathe! We all followed along. The water was warm and so refreshing. I didn't wash my hair but I did get to shave. (Just for you, Lex)

Everyone's spirits were high. I even got 5 minutes of alone time admiring the pearly sky and calm waters before the mosquitoes found me.

Quote of the Day: "How are the mosquitoes eating me through my clothes?" - Amber

June 7
Antlers Campsite - East Branch Lean-To (16 Miles)

Long day of hiking. The weather was amazing and the terrain wasn't bad. However, hiking 16 miles on 500 calories is rough stuff.  Everything was hurting, especially my hips and feet. This was by far the worst day of bugs. We had to wear our rain jackets to keep them from biting our arms. Bugs really test you. You can't even take breaks in peace! Stacey and I motivated ourselves by singing "Om Nashi Me" which we now sing every last mile of the day. 

We were so excited to make it to the shelter. Stacey had bad blisters on his heels. My stomach was hurting so bad from hunger pains and my feet and ankles were swollen. The last thing we wanted to do was filter water and cook dinner . . . with the mosquitoes. We had planned on making our omelet backcountry meal and instant mash potatoes. I was looking forward to the strange combination, but here is where the story gets really sad. As soon as the water boiled for me to pour I noticed that the potatoes had bacon in them. (noooooooooooooooooooo) Stacey said "whatever, I'm hungry, you eat the eggs and I'll eat this." Sounded okay except for the eggs turned out to be one of the most disgusting things I've ever put in my mouth. I had no choice. I forced myself to eat as much as I could without puking. I went to bed with sore muscles and an rumbling stomach. 
Oh the woes of a thruhiker . . .

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