June 13, 2014

Sumitting Katahdin

June 1
Getting to Baxter State Park

Today we woke up bright and early to catch our shuttle. We said good bye to the modern world as we entered into Baxter State Park. We were all pretty tired from the previous day of travel. Luke and Tuck slept most of the way until we woke them up screaming when we saw a moose on the side of the road.

We stopped to get fuel at a shop that had mainly hunting and fishing supplies. I couldn't help but feel disgusted as I looked around at all of the animals mounted on the walls. Then "BAM!" I hear this loud popping sound. I thought a gun or firecracker went off. Nope, it was just Luke. He sat on a plastic table that he thought was a stool and cracked it. Whoopsie.

Once we got to Katahdin Stream Campsite, which would be base camp for the next 2 nights, we signed the first of many trail registers and spent the rest of the day taking in beautiful Maine.

June 2
Sumitting Katahdin, Baxter Peak (10.4 miles)

Stacey, Tucker, Luke and myself woke up to "see you guys on the trail" at 4am. Dad couldn't sleep from the excitement. He was eager to get on the trail and climb the mountain that he has waited nearly 40 years to climb. Stacey's competitiveness immediately went into first gear. He was packed and pulling me up the trail before I could get my pants on. And if you know me at all you understand that I am not a morning person...at all. Tucker and Luke quickly met up with us. Those guys are like lightening. We were about 1 mile in and I started to feel my clothes become damp with sweat. Then my breathing became heavy and I could feel my heart beating in my ears. I was trying so hard to keep up with the boys but had to stop and take a breather. By the time we caught up with Dad I was pale, nauseous and on the verge of fainting. That's when I learned first hand the importance of "hiking your own hike." The combination of not enough sleep or food and pushing myself to hard had led me into a hiking nightmare. I prayed so hard that I would make it up and down the mountain safely. Thankfully, I was surround with my family. Stacey literally pushed and pulled me up the mountain. I could feel our marriage becoming stronger. I starting feeling better right as we got to this beautiful waterfall. I felt the mist hit my face and said to myself "you can do this."

It's insane how much of this journey has been mind over body. We have overcome pain countless times just by being positive and determined. I am amazed at how strong and powerful the human mind can be.

The terrain up to Baxter Peak was tough and technical. There was still places with thick ice!

And miles of bouldering!

This was taken during one of our many false summits. Each time we thought we reached the top and quickly realized we had MORE boulders to climb.

Ah! This was so exciting for me. My favorite writer and naturalist, Henry David Thoruea hiked Katahdin in 1846 and had a spring named after him.

Tuck and Luke got to the top of Katahdin at 8am. Stacey and I sumitted at 9:30am and Dad was right behind us.

The only thing that was missing was the rest of our family. I wish they and everyone could experience this view for themselves.

It was the coolest feeling I've ever had. I've never in my life felt so light and free.

This was the beggining of our thruhike adventure.

After thanking God for creating such a beautiful place and asking him to keep our families safe he revealed himself in the most spectacular ray of sunlight. Our skin was tingling and our hearts were bursting with accomplishment as we trekked down the mountain.

It was a fun, interesting trip down. I may have led us down the wrong way at some point. And Dad may have done the plank between 2 boulders.

Quote of the Day: "It's fun to have fun." - Chief Badweather


  1. Oh wow, great pictures. Would LOVE to be one with nature too!

  2. Such great pic's and great journal entries. Well done Amber! :-)

  3. I'll say the same thing. Great pictures and journal entries Amber. Safe hiking!