June 13, 2014

Through the Wilderness: Day 1

June 3
Katahdin Stream Campground - Hurd Shelter (13.4 miles) 

We all woke up at 6:15 and was on the trail by 7am. We took our time to really take in Maine's beauty. The terrain was pretty flat; although, it was our first day with our heavy packs so we were all feeling pain in our shoulders and hips. We stopped at Big Niagra Falls to soak our feet for a while. 

We were loving every minute of our refreshing break but knew we had a long way to go to get to the shelter. We had our first of many stream crossings. I was so scared the current was going to swoop me and pack away and drench all my gear. The boys are so much better at fording, but I'm learning. 

We had lunch at Abol Bridge store, which was the last resupply spot before the 100 mile wilderness. They didn't have much for vegetarians so I munched on chips and chocolate while the boys scarfed down turkey sandwiches. This was were we first met Sky Chicken, a helicopter pilot from Texas. Note in the photo below that Tucker's socks were already standing up from 2 days of hiking. Also note, we were so happy to see that ice cream sign and were crushed when we found out that they didn't have ice cream. 

As we headed back on the the trail and entered our way into the 100 mile wilderness, I knew there was no way of turning back. This was it. I saw the first yellow monarch and felt my sister, Lexi give me a great big hug. I was ready for the wilderness. We arrived at Hurd shelter at 4:30pm. The last thing I wrote in my journal that night was "I love being away from society." Haha the wilderness was about to feed my soul exactly what it needed. 

Quoted the Day: "I guess I'll just sleep on the ground. It's like going back to my childhood."- Chief Badweather as his sleeping pad deflated from a hole in it

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