June 13, 2014

Through the Wilderness: Day 8 + 9

June 10
Chairback Lean-To - Long Pong Lean-To (10.9 miles)

Well we woke up at 5am from the worst sleep because our tent was on a slope. We hiked in the rain all day. It was freezing and really windy. The terrain was mostly downhill with rocks, roots and boulders. I had a tough time with swollen, sore ankles. Each step hurt so extremely bad, especially the last 4 miles which felt more like 7. I had my first "what the heck am I doing moment." I knew it would be in the 100 mile wilderness. It didn't last long because Stacey was having a really good day of hiking and was motivating me the whole time. We played "your top 5" like we used to when we first started dating. We went through everything from our top pies to the top countries we want to visit. It helped take my mind off the pain.

This dog statue was funny.

Trail life is still good. The mountain top views make the pain worth it. Also, we all become rejuvenated when we get to camp. I am so thankfully to be doing this with family. I often wonder how people cope through this journey solo. We spend so much of our time uplifting each other and looking out for each other. I can't imagine doing this alone. 

We were surprised with trail manic at the shelter. A guy that hiked the AT last year brought rice and beans with SPICES at the shelter we were staying at. Finally, after days of starving ourselves we get to go to bed with a full belly. Thank you Yettifoods! 

We camped beside Charlie the chipmunk. 

Last thing I wrote in my journal- This is the hardest thing over ever done in my life. 

June 11
Long Pond Lean-To - Leeman Brooke Lean-To (12.1 miles)

Today we saw 4 dead animals including a moose, fox, beaver and shrew. It was very bizarre. Despise the dead animals, it was a great day of hiking! Everyone's spirits are high since it's the last night in the wilderness! The birds were even singing songs of praise. I had a fun river crossing right before we passed our 100 mile mark. 
We had lunch thanks to Fish Flake giving us some of his oatmeal!

We hiked with Tuck and Luke for a while which was nice since we are usually on different schedules. 

Thankful to have the opportunity to be out here! We hiked 3 miles to Monson on June 12.

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  1. Proud dad, father in law & friend! Enjoy and be safe team ET5!