April 7, 2014

Positive Thoughts Equal Positive Results

Seeing the light in particular situations can be hard; however, it is imperative to our mind, body, and soul to do so in all situations. Think about a time that something really great happened.  Now that you have your moment, take a second to reflect on your emotional state for the rest of the day.  Did anything go wrong during those moments of euphoria?  If so, did it change your mood for the day? Or did you allow it to roll off your back and keep smiling?

From time to time, we notice that certain things can alter our entire outlook for the entire day- colleagues being in bad moods, hateful customers, forgetting a meeting, or forgetting something important.  All of these things can influence your whole day...if you let it.  The importance of positive thinking is for you to take time to realize that shit does happen.  It does all day, everyday.  But you are in control of your emotional and spiritual state.  When the shit does hit the fan, step away, breathe, and tell yourself, "I dictate how complicated my life is." Be positive, and the situation will be handled flawlessly with ease.  And it will.

We are loving this positive thinking info-graphic. Be sure to try the meditation exercise at the bottom. Our affirmation was “Everything will come at the right time and place in this life."

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