April 19, 2014

Free Spirit: Lillie Somerfield

Today’s spotlight is on my best friend and favorite free spirit, Lillie Kate Somerfield. She’s a native of East Tennessee currently enjoying city life in Brooklyn, New York working as a graphic designer at Fresh. I met Lillie when I was 5 years old and we instantly became inseperable. I can remember being drawn to her fearless outlook on life. I called her my “brave” friend for as long as I can remember. It didn’t surprise me a bit when she packed up her life and followed her heart all the way to New York. Growing up with her helped shaped me to be the care-free, creative I am today. She taught me courage by always doing her own thing regardless of what others thought. Not only was she the person who I confided in, went on double dates with, and everything else a best friend is, but she was also my role model. Still is, actually. And I’m so proud and honored to feature her today! So grab an old fashioned or an iced coffee with milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon (2 of her favs) and get comfy. Then read on to learn more about this inspiring free spirit as she talks about her travels, what’s in her fridge and her opinion about today’s youth.

Opal + Wonder: What does a free spirit mean to you? 
Lillie Somerfield: Being uninhibited by what’s expected of you

O+W: What really matters to you?
LS: I think personal and creative fulfillment are very important. But I'm not sure if they are possible... I think the drive to be better can be healthy but I've been thinking lately that the only happiness is what you have right now, because that's all that is real. So being happy and positive in the now is very important to me, something I try to do everyday. I also think that honest love is the most important, always.

O+W: You have a traveling heart. Where all have you been to? Any good stories to share? What did you learn about yourself while trevling?
LS: Ohh I've got the travel bug so hard right now... I've been lucky in my travels thus far. I lived in Paris for a month, I traveled around Greece for a few weeks on a school trip, I've visited California and done a good deal of exploring in the south and east United States. Good stories... well I did have a love affair with a photographer in paris, that was pretty young and fun and stuff, I felt very alive there. I had a lot of spiritual experiences in Greece, the countryside is so pure and lush and old, the whole energy of the country was slow and sweet, everything smelled like orange blossoms. My travels have taught me that I really can do anything I want, and that it's often best to just go with the flow.

Lillie rocking the 70’s in Middle School
O+W: Your style has always been unique ever since middle school. Where does your style inspiration come from? 
LS: My inspiration usually comes from the 60's and 70's. I've been buying a lot of dresses lately and thinking about dying my hair grey for the summer. I mostly shop at vintage stores as cliche as that sounds. I happen to live by a ton of affordable ones and many saturday mornings are filled with digging for treasure. Other than that, I mostly stick to the sale racks at Gap, and asos.com.

O+W: As a creative person, how do you keep your mind stimulated? You seem to keep your creative fire going.

LS: Yes! I've always enjoyed that part of myself. Adventuring is a major part of my diet. I get bored easily and love being somewhere for the first time, that is a major reason why I planted myself in New York. I absolutely love the amount of things you can do on any given day (and lunch breaks in Central Park don't hurt either). I feel so very lucky to be a part of this city at this time in my life. 

O+W: So what are you listening to, watching and reading nowadays? 

LS: As far as entertainment goes, lately I've been listening to ASAP Rocky, The Beatles, Mountain Man, and Little Dragon. I really love old movies, some of my favorites are -- A Woman is a Woman, Annie Hall, Funny Face, and An Affair to Remember. Now that I use public transportation I'm loving the free time I have to read, I've most recently finished Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, The Architecture of Happiness by Alan de Boton, and Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. My favorite magazine is Lula, and my favorite TV show is GIRLS.

Annnnd for fun . . .

O+W: Name 3 things that are always in your fridge.
LS: Butter, kombucha, chocolate in the freezer

O+W: Are you more of a hunter or gatherer?
LS: Hunter all the way
O+W: Describe your ideal of a perfect day.
LS: Brunch, vintage shopping, laying in the park, eating tacos and icecream with my best friends

O+W: You are filling a box with your 5 favorite things. What’s in the box?
LS: My beau Dan, a fresh strawberry pie baked by my mother, my childhood dog missy, home videos, my bed

O+W: Any other random facts you want to share? Such as your brain dominance, last time you did a cartwheel or your opinion about the youth of today.
LS: haha well I think the youth of today is pretty much like the youth of yesterday, everyone grows up and thinks the kids behind them are nuts, but I think it's really just a reflection of our society changing as a whole.. we're all in this together. But it's not bad, there is so much beauty in what we have today... That it's easy to travel, to learn, to explore ourselves and find our niche, to make things with our hands because it feels most fulfilling even though it's not the quickest path to wealth and stability. We have a lot of freedom to find out how to feed our soul, which I believe is the best investment

I hope this interview put a big wide smile on your face like it did for us! You can connect with these loving Pisces on Facebook + Instagram. Also, checkout some of her work at lilliekate.com

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