April 20, 2014

Easter with some Thru Hikers

Today has left my heart so happy. Stacey and I got the opportunity to give some stinky thru-hikers a lift today. We love to swap stories with hikers any time we get a chance. We met Craig while shopping at the NOC and picked up Free Man shortly after pulling out of the parking lot. Craig is a 24 year old hipster from San Diego, CA. He told us all about his outer body experiences while meditating in sensory deprivation tanks and how coconut oil is a part of his daily diet. He also told us that his trail name is pending at the moment. "Free Man" is from Maine. He’s 56 and has been living off the grid since 2003. He said that he took to the woods for spiritual reasons. Plus, he didn’t agree with the war in Iraq. He was quiet but his energy and spirit filled our car with positive vibes. We started talking about society and all the hate in the world. He spoke up and said that he thought the world was coming together for the greater good. He said, "I think we are finally getting it." Then Craig chimed in and said “yeah, I think everyone’s awareness of love is heightened.” (how hipster like) It resonated with me to hear someone have faith in humanity. It was interesting to hear the East Coast and West Coast opinions of things.

Free Man & Craig 

Once we got to the top of Newfound Gap we met “Oregon”, “Little Bit” and “Draggin”. Oregon and Little bit were from Portland, OR. They said they were never big hikers before the trail, but Little Bit had been wanting to hike the AT for a while. Oregon was just “tagging along” so he said. They were a cool couple just hiking their own hike and looking forward to taking a zero day in Hot Springs.

Oregon and Little Bit

“Draggin” is from Massachusetts. This is his second time thru hiking. He said his job was coming to an end and he decided to make a positive thing out of a negative thing. He got his trail name from always dragging his butt. Haha. 


Can’t wait for our paths to cross on the trail! Hope to see all of you special souls again soon!! 

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