May 7, 2014

Hunting + Gathering for Inspiration

Average life is so completely uninspiring. Doing the same thing each week, seeing the same people, listening to the same music. Yes, we humans are creatures of habit. We look forward to our daily rituals, myself included; however, sometimes our habits hinder us from experiencing moments. We stick to what is familiar and comfortable to us which often leads us to a big fat dead end. We get stuck in ruts and pray someone will pull us out. 
Well if you are feeling dull and are bored with your life, it is up to you to do something about it! Don’t sit around waiting for a gust of inspiration to pick you up because it may not ever come. Be thankful when the world drops inspiration in your lap. Because most of the time it is up to us to search for it. We must hunt and gather to stay inspired! 
So where do we look? Where can we find inspiration? My favorite places to find inspiration are people. My oldest source is my best friend, Lillie. She radiates creativity. Connecting and sharing ideas with people are my first go-to during my inspiration hunt. I feel my best when I spend time with my creative friends— the writers, the photographers, the idealists, the painters, the musicians. They feed my hungry creative heart! 
Other sources to gather inspiration: 
  • Places- go somewhere. Maybe here or here or here. Allow your eyes to see new things. Experience cultures! Awaken your wanderlust heart. 
  • Music- ALL music. Get tickets to concerts near you. Check out one of our spotify playlists. Or my personal favorite- youtube. It’s like listening to live music from the comfort of your couch. Here is my go-to video at the moment. It stirs my soul every single time. Guaranteed inspiration. 
  • Words- Poetry, your old journal, biographies, quotes- doesn’t matter. 
  • Your local neighborhood or coffee shop- these are sometimes the best. Take a walk around the block and go chat it up with some strangers. 
So the answer to the question really is, everywhere. You can find inspiration everywhere, but it is up to you to open your heart and let it take over. 
Live with a goal to inspire others and you will be inspired, I promise.
On days when your inspiration tank is running low, try to inspire someone else. I warn you- this is not easy. It takes a lot to even realize that you are in need of inspiration. This is clearly why it is important to stay inspired! Keep doing the things that make life interesting to you. If that is building statues out of your food, do it. If it is writing down your thoughts, do it. If it is driving the scenic route on the way home, do it. Think outside the box, open your mind, live anything but a boring life

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