July 25, 2013

four days of living in the moment

I am so excited.
We are leaving for Floyd Fest in the morning- bright and early. I’m actually in the midst of packing, but had to stop and document this moment of pure exctiement. Festivals are where I feel most at home- so much love, art and people of every kind. My goal is to be completely and utterly committed to the moment. I am always juggling so much mentally and multi tasking usually every second of the day that I don’t get to fully experience a single thing. And that can be a problem sometimes. Things go by without me even feeling them go by because I’m already on to the next thing!
Living in the moment is so blissful, yet often rare in this busy world.
So for the next 4 days I am pledging to live in the moment. I want to take in the smell of the earth and the sound of each instrument and the taste of greasy food truck french fries and the sight of one-of-a-kind pieces of art. I want to wander through the tents and hear people laughing, like really laughing. I want to let the music move me however it wants to. I want to connect with the people I meet and the people I am traveling with. I want to feel so and and so on. This is life. Right now, is what you have. Feel it. Experience it.
Planning on watching these beautiful gypsies at Floyd.
Enjoy, Amber

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