September 5, 2014

The darkness brings a new light

The older I get the darker the world appears to be, but I can't decide if it is my naivety slowly leaving my vision, or if it is our culture spiraling down into a dark hole of despair.  But I find myself fighting, climbing, and scrambling out of the dark hole of despair.  I WANT TO LIVE! I want to breath in new adventure, see a new light, and never lose hope that humanity, at its core, is a compassionate, giving, and loving being. Recently, my family lost a close friend, he was an attorney-some may argue that this is not the most admiral position to be held due to some compromising choices one would have to make in the position, but this man, LIVED.

Photo by: Kris Bible
His presence inspires me to never settle and to always continue to climb the mountain of your dreams, that everything you wish can and will be tangible, if you are willing to sacrifice.  In death, we are reminded that our time is indeed short, and can end at any moment.  Sometimes with death, we are forced to acknowledge and reevaluate our lives, at least I do.  As I get older, I am finding myself creating new bucket lists and I am noticing that my bucket list consists of places and experiences, not things.  It consists of adventure not a social status.     So with all the darkness that is beginning to consume our world, I hope and pray that you see the light in the darkness because the only way to make the sun shine again is if we, as a compassionate humane community, become the light in this dark world.  So, my thought for you, dear readers, is to take unfortunate circumstances and allow those circumstance to motivate you to live!

Also, if you do not have a bucket list, make one!  A small portion of mine is listed below.

Jodi's Bucket List (as of now) :) :
1. Travel to Spain - this also includes participating in the tomato fights and the running of the bulls
2. Skydive
3. Bungee jump the canyons of Utah (which I plan to do in May 2015)
4. Hike the John Muir Trail in California (because let's be honest, I love his writing, and I would consider it a privilege to walk where a man that I hold to close to my heart walked and found inspiration.)
5. See/hike the Rockies.
6. Hike Oregon
7. Thru hike a portion of the AT (which will finally happen next month with my East TN SOBO tribe)
8. Teach English as a Second language in a school in South America
9. Volunteer on organic farms throughout the United States
10. Travel to Germany (that is where my family originates)

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